I am originally from Minnesota.  I received a BFA from the University of Minnesota where I studied abstract painting.  I participated in several art shows in Minnesota. 
Citibank of Minneapolis purchased 4 of my paintings. 

I have lived in Tucson Arizona for 3 years and there my focus was on metal sculpture.

Since moving to California in 2008, I have concentrated on abstract painting.  My inspiration has always been strong women abstract expressionist of the 1950’s; Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler to name just a few.

The concept for my paintings comes from two major influences.  The first is nature with its subtle hues, light and texture.  The second is the pure process of painting.

The first brushstroke of color can invoke an image or a feeling.  Textures and layers of bold color define my style of abstraction.  Using mixed media blends perfectly with my varied expressive techniques.

I thoroughly enjoy the pure process of painting, layering colors with texture as informed by the beauty of nature. 

Hellada Art Gallery, Cultural Alliance of Long Beach,
Art Registry of Long Beach and the Huntington Beach Art Center.

Greenly Art Space in Long Beach, Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, Huntington Beach Art Center and Feminine Mystique Gallery in Tubac, Arizona.